5th building material

There are four common building materials: concrete, steel, wood and glass. These are, literally, the building blocks of the industry. Every architect is familiar with their advantages and disadvantages, specialties, and area of application. These classical materials are limited by various constrictions, including geometry, practicality, and constructional limitations. The introduction of the membrane allows us to move past these limitations,

At the start of the 21st century and continuing, the development of the idea that actual fabric membrane-like material is a new solution for various applications and fits so perfectly into project development that is has been called the 5th building material. Fabric roofing provides an extreme span/weight ratio that is impossible to achieve with other material combinations. The invention and wide usage of ETFE film has led to unthinkable ratios, allowing ETFE-film inflated cushions that weigh about 1% of similarly built glass structures.  

We here at Mem.Brane believe that membrane structures have an extremely wide array of applications and will constantly research new areas for usage and applicability. We are passionately dedicated to using membrane structures for our projects to achieve the optimal ratio between all aspects.

 Join us on this journey!