This page is dedicated to represent mem.brane studio, it's professional capabilities, vision, competitive advantages and information to be shared with public.


The content provided on this page (images, videos, animations etc ) is made by mem.brane studio or other third party sources. All texts are written exlusively for this page and should be used inhouse by mem.brane studio. Images throughout this page were taken by members of mem.brane studio, taken from free sources in internet ; images that are provided in project pages belogn to compaties that executed these jobs ( as mem.brane currently do not provide manufacturing services ), in particular to :    Lonas Lorenzo, Big Span Structures, Tent Module.

Mem.brane do not pretend to own these images and use them as representation of it's work, vision, capabilities and philosofy. 

If you are owner of any content used at this web page, please contact by clicking here or write to info@membrane.us