Shape Analysis

Shape analysis gives us an understanding of the structure on the environment and the environment on the structure. Rain, wind, and solar energy all have major impacts on any structure. We complete various analysis, including water flow on the surface, water overflow on the borders, wind distribution, solar behavior, load contract areas, and other factors. We make sure that our shapes will work both on paper and in reality.

CFD Simulations

Computational Fluid Dynamics is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical analysis and algorithms to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows. CFD allows for a higher level of accuracy and precision, determining weaker and stronger parts of the structure ahead of time, saving on materials, time, and budget.

NonLinear Analysis

Nonlinear analysis is performed in a special softwares made exactly for tensile surface structures. We use all information obtained from shape analysis and CFD simulations alongside with codes information to load surface with actions and combinations. After the analysis, we create a report on stresses and reactions. We use them to continue with detailing for plates, fixations, connections and other important parts of a project.

Post Production

Now, the final shape is ready for post-production : patterning, layouts, specifications etc. We use both built-in solutions for softwares to create patterns and our own solutions that provide a higher level of accuracy and consume much less time. All drawings we make are to represent an idea of a lightweight structure - be easy to understand, light and well-executed. Even here different in-house solutions are used to speed up this process with more accurate, practical and aesthetic design.