Esfera City Center



Size : 311m x 94m / 1020’ x 308’

Area : 13'500 m² / 14’5313 sq.ft.

Location : Monterrey, Mexico

Executed by : Lonas Lorenzo

Monterrey is one of the most contemporary and developed cities of Mexico. The new “City Center” mall is not only important for its status in the city by being a part of a neighborhood development project designed by Zaha Hadid architects, but also because of the unique walkway membrane cover, incomparable in the world.  The project was a massive challenge due to its 18 moveable membrane modules that open and close based on the client’s preferences as well as the weather of the day. It can provide secure protection from the rain, while inviting large amounts of sunshine and fresh air on sunny days. We specifically developed the cover to work best during the heavy rains of the wet season while maintaining high membrane performance when in motion.

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